This shop has so much to offer! There are candles of all shapes and sizes, scented and unscented. I especially love the candles that create beautiful shapes as they burn. In addition to candles, there are so many other choices for creating aroma, incense, essential oils, cones. There are also other unique gift items. I recommend this as a great place to shop for both yourself or for someone special. 



Loved this cute little shop.
Lovely sales lady who calls herself The Candle Lady.
I purchased two of her candles made for the shop, Coffee House and the Coco Mango.
I love both of them.
I recommend this place for long lasting scented candles and reasonable prices.
I do not have to travel far anymore.
I will definitely be back. 



I needed a gift to give in remembrance of a special person. This was my first visit to Ye Olde Candle House in Pleasant Valley. Sonya was able to suggest what I found to be perfect for my need, for which I am very grateful. I'll be back soon as my daughter's birthday is in a few weeks and I wish to check out the Root candles. Am glad to have this shop in Pleasant Valley. 

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Thank you Sonya for a wonderful experience in your shop. What a sweet addition to our shops in Pleasant Valley!   


Mario Johnson

I purchased several candles for holiday gifts and my mom, wife, and sisters all enjoyed the aromas. The scents were amazing and nothing can compare to the other mall candle shops. Sonia is a wonderful owner and saleswoman who is very knowledgeable and customer oriented. Her shop is definitely a "Beacon of Light" in the Pleasant Valley business community.  

Donna V.

I visited this small wonderful candle shop this past Saturday looking for a gift for my daughter! (No special occasion ) the aroma that you walk into is out of this world! Sonya was so helpful & very knowledgeable about everything in her shop! It was hard to choose but I finally picked something out & my daughter loves it! I will be taking my daughter there this week! We both love candles & I'm thrilled that we have a shop so close to us! Sonya-I wish you all the best with your candle shop! You will be seeing a lot of me in there! It's a very clean & friendly & welcoming place! Thank you for choosing Pleasant Valley for your shop! God Bless you!

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Diana M.

What a lovely shop! The variety, the scents, and the wide selection of beautiful candles & holders were well worth stopping there. The proprietress Sonya, was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the products. There are oil burners, incense, and numerous items suitable for gifts, or just for yourself! :) Do yourself a favor and stop in and say,"Hello" to Sonya. You will definitely not be able leave without taking home some aromatherapy for yourself. 



Wonderful local establishment! The Root candles are fast becoming my favorite. The scents are amazing...Pinot Noir, Sparkling Champagne, Wild Strawberry, etc. Sonia, the owner is absolutely lovely, knowledgeable and helpful. 



We were looking for a source of natural soy based candles and was pleased to find that the shop carries a line called Root that has many lovely scents. The shop also carries a variety of other candle brands, candles for special occasions, essential oils and gift items. The Proprietress Sonya was very gracious and helpful and the shop smelled wonderful!     

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Carol D.

Very Nice Shoppe. Qaulity Products. I Buy for Myself and Others. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this great candle shoppe in Pleasant Valley. Sonya was so helpful and showed me a variety of beautiful candles. There are so many gems here, for gift giving or for yourself. It was hard to decide what to get because everything is so beautiful.The shoppe itself is also beautifully decorated and the scents are amazing. I've been there twice already and i'll definitely go again.Don't miss out- it is definitely worth going- I guarantee you won't leave empty handed.   



I love the candles that I bought at the Candle House. I bought a Root Candle and the scent fills up my kitchen within minutes. I also purchased a few floating candles that I can't wait to use as decoration. The shop has a ton of gift ideas at various price ranges. I highly recommend stopping in here! I will definitely be shopping there again. 



I've driven by this shop numerous times but last night decided to stop by and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised...this is a hidden gem...right next door to the Pleasant Valley Department store (across the street from the Public Library). The owner's name is Sonya and was very helpful in helping me find a gift for a female friend going through a difficult time. She offers a nice assortment of unique gifts and all types of candles but I especially liked the Root Candle (I purchased the Wild Strawberry). I also liked Trapp Candles which I purchased in the scent of "Bob's Flower Shop". I especially liked that their prices are reasonable and they have MANY price ranges...you need not worry if you are on a budget. I will be back...check it out!