Root Candles - Since 1869


Root Candles Scent Descriptions

AQUATIC - Clean & Fresh  

Sea Side Surf - Rosemary with violet, jasmine, geranium, cedar and amber with clean notes.  

Sun-Dried Cotton - The warm sun and freshly laundered linens and jasmine, peach and exotic musk. Clean, warm and relaxing.  

FLORAL - Soft, Light & Feminine  

Lavender Vanilla - Lavender bursts with sparkling juicy citrus notes of mandarin and clementines, blended with hyacinth and sweet pea, jasmine and peony.

Lilac Sage - The bright fragrance combination or rich sage, jasmine, hyacinth and violet fragrances and the bright blossoms of lilac mix with the nourishing nectar of lilac.


Sampaquita -  Blend of jasmine with honeysuckle and rose.  

FRUIT SCENTS - Tangy & Tart  

Anjou Pear - Sour pear notes are softened by the inclusion of vanilla flower and sugar cane extracts, bringing the fragrant notes of pears.

Apple Orchard -  Freshly picked crisp green apple blends with juicy pear and peach, dewy greens, jasmine and sheer musks. 

Blackberry Mango - ,Ripe, sugared blackberry with pineapple and mango nectar blended with macintosh apple, mandarin orange, white peach, plumeria blossoms,notes of sweet pea and musk.  

Wild Strawberry - Juicy wild strawberry is the primary note of this succulent strawberry dessert candle. Fruity notes of the luscious berry with spicy maple complemented by white cake, vanilla and sweet cream.  

FOUGERE - Quiet, Relaxation, Woodsy & Masculine  

Bayberry - Woody and sweet forest bayberries with hints of fir balsam, vanilla, and patchouli oil. 

Corriander Musk - Fresh lemon, lime, zesty orange, juicy grapefruit, melon, eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, exotic musk, oak and amber.  

Crisp Autumn - Sage, apple and pecans with notes of oak and maple.  

Ginger Patchouli - A sensuous blend of ginger, clove and earthy patchouli with geranium.  

Hollyberry - Sparkling tangelo, Italian mandarin, pomegranate, goji berry, anise and sheer musk.  

Hosta - Leafy greens, green apple and rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, hyacinth and plumeria flowers.  

Japanese Cedarwood - Sandalwood and cedarwood with the aromas of citrus, lavender and sage.  

Winter Balsam - Luscious, earthy combination of Canadian fir with a touch of green citrus.  

GOURMAND SCENTS - Indulgent Sweets & Desserts  

Chocolate - A sweet mixture of brown sugar, butter and dark cocoa.  

Hazelnut Latte - Rich roasted coffee beans mingle with the nutty aroma of toasted hazelnuts, rum, maple and creamy steamed milk.  

Lemon Frosted Scone - Sour-sugared, fresh-bright lemon, clove and subtle lavender melded together with buttery bakery notes, caramelized sugar and creamy whipped vanilla. 

Mulled Cider - Sparkling citrus notes blend, Mcintosh apples, warm cider, mulling spice blend and cloves.

Pinot Noir - Bright effervescent red-grape notes, raspberry and currant with woodsy oak and cedarwood.  

Sparkling Champagne - Orange zest, peach with berry and pear.  

Tiramisu - Coffee and buttery top notes blended with lady fingers mixed with rich, dark rum. Nutty honey notes feature the dry down to creamy vanilla sugar with cocoa powder.  

KITCHEN SCENTS - These scents are usually associated with warmth and spice  

Cinnamon Spice - Rich, warm baking cinnamon blends with clove, sugar cane, caramel and vanilla.  

French Vanilla - Classic, comforting scent of sweet vanilla beans.  

Pumpkin Spice - The core of clove, ginger and pumpkin adds a hint of spiciness to the fragrance of brown sugar, vanilla creme and musk.  

Spice Market - Basil, geranium, lavender, cyclamen, cinnamon, ginger, clove, oak and patchouli.     


Save the Honey Bees!


13 OZ. GLASS - BURN TIME - 56 HOURS - $27.99 

5.4 OZ. TRAVEL TIN - BURN TIME - 32 HOURS - $11.99 

2.1 OZ. VOTIVE - BURN TIME - 20 HOURS - $2.49 


BERRIED HONEY: The sweetest of our blends, this is inspired by the honey that is found near berry patches and groves. Blackberry notes and wild red currants accented by creamy vanilla and brown sugar. 

BLOOMED HONEY: Ripe with rich pollen from bees that travel amongst a variety of fragrant wildflowers, this blended honey is the most floral with  orange blossom, violet and muguet. 

BREWED HONEY: Bright notes of bergamot and citrus with Meyer lemon highlight the notes of tea from bees that pollinate citrus groves and tea varieties. The abundance of sugar in the honey, blended with the tart lemon, leaves and vanilla notes. 

DRENCHED HONEY: Bees that pollinate around fresh water lakes and streams seem to deliver a fresh, green flavor from their time around lilies, water roses and tonka wood. This blend is clean, fresh and sweet. 

SUGARED HONEY: The purest of our honey blends, this fragrance encompasses all that is wonderful about honey. Bees that pollinate the Manuka tree, honeywood, honeysuckle and neroli deliver a sweet, gentle and pure sugared honey fragrance. 

WOODED HONEY: This is the lightest, most delicate and sought after of all honey blends. Bees love the Basswood tree - attracting honey bees from all around. Delicate woodsy notes and a mild flavor result in a luxurious fragrance blend. 


Seeking Balance - Aromatherapy Candles

6.5 oz. Clear Glass Packaged in Vintage Round Kraft Box 

Wooden Wick (crackles as it burns)

Approximate Burn Time - 65 Hours



Seduce - Patchouli & Anise 

Entice - Orange Clove  

Energize - Rosemary Eucalyptus  

Enlighten - Cedar Verbena  

Invigorate - Pomelo Pine  

Illuminate - Juniper Rosewood  

Relieve - Eucalyptus Menthol  

Awaken - Basil & Lime  

Devote - Jasmine Myrrh  

Meditate - Vetyver & Olibanum  

Relax - Geranium Lavender  

Detoxify - Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil