About Our Specialty Candles


Root Candles

Established in 1869 by beekeeper Amos Ives Root in Medina, Ohio. Now it its fifth generation, the Root family continues to make one of the best candles in America. · Think of it as jewelry for the home and are offered in a variety of colors, sizes and textures including dinner candles to compliment any decor.     

Available in the following sizes (including wax warmer):

Votive - 2.1 oz. - 20 Hrs. Burn Time - $2.49 

Travel Tin - 4.0 oz. - 30 Hrs. Burn Time - $9.99 

Small Veriglass - 6.3 oz. - 45 Hrs. Burn Time - $13.95 

Large Veriglass - 10.5 oz. - 70 Hrs. Burn Time - $21.95 

Hive Candle - 16 oz. - 90 Hrs. Burn Time - $28.95              


Trapp Fragrance Candles

Trapp Candles was founded in Kansas City, Mo., in the early 1990s by interior and floral designer Bob Trapp who then sold the brand to his friends at the Faultless Starch/ Bon Ami Company family owned company headquartered in Kansas City. 

With Trapp, it's all about the fragrance. That's why every product will fill a room with fragrance within minutes. Trapp is set apart by its unmatched fragrance quantity and its mission to use only the highest quality fragrances. Our diverse line of scented candles are designed to excite one's senses and suit every occasion. 

Soy blend wax. Paper/cotton, zinc-free wicks.


Melts-9 pre-cut pieces-2.6 oz.

30 Hours Burn Time 

$8.00 each or 3 for $21 ($7.00 each)

7 oz. Glass

50 Hours Burn Time 

(packaged in beautiful House box) 


Votive - 20 Hours Burn Time 

$4.00 each or 3 for $11 ($3.67 each)


Feathered Twists Drip-less Taper Candles

Established by Dadant & Sons in 1868 in Illinois.  These feathered twists taper candles are 100% Beeswax and have a striking shape that allows fingers to gracefully circle the flame.  

These candles are available in: Cranberry; Dusty Pink; Ebony (Black); Eggplant (Dark Purple);  Forest Green; Gray; Ivory; Mauve; Mint; Navy; Red; Rose; & Sunflower (light yellow) 



Approximate Burn Time: 40 Minutes per inch  

Plain (set of 2) - $20

With Gold Edge (set of 2) - $22  

More Specialty Candles!


The Candle that's also a Lotion!

Made from pure soy that is naturally rich in Vitamin E and are petroleum, dye and additive free. These candles are long lasting, clean burning and will leave you with soft and silky skin.  

Scents:  Anti-Stress (Bergamot, Lavender & Lemon); Citrus Delight; Cucumber Spa (Cucumber & Lemon); Eucalyptus Mint; Honeysuckle; Lavender; Sweet & Bubbly; Vanilla & Unscented.

Available Sizes:  

9 oz. Clear Glass in Beautiful Box (ready for gift-giving) - $19.99

Melts (pre-cut in 6 pieces totaling 6 oz.) - $10.99

Lotion Bar (unscented only) - $11.99 (packaged in gift box)


Self-Extinguishing Taper Candles - 24 inches

Perfect for Weddings or other Special Occasions!

These candles turn off by themselves when they burn half way (approximately 12 inches). 

If you want to continue to have them burn simply light them again.

They are available in colors:  Ivory, Red & White - $5.00 each


Candle Lady Candles by Sonya, The Candle Lady

Made exclusively for the Candle House by Sonya, the Candle Lady. Made with only the highest quality candle fragrance oils. The option to choose a wooden wick which crackles while it burns or a traditional cotton wick.


Tea-lights - sets of 10 - each tea-light - 4 Hrs. Burn Time - $10.99 

Travel Tins - 30 Hrs. Burn Time - $9.99

Clear 12 oz. Glass with Wooden Lid -  90 Hours Burn Time - $20.99

Available Scents

All Season Scents:  Birthday Cupcake; Coco-Mango; Coffee House; Cracklin Birch; Eucalyptus; Fresh Cut Roses; Lavender-Mint; Lilac; 

Minted Rosemary; Nag Champa; Blackberry Sage; Sandalwood & Teakwood-Cardamon.

Fall Season Scents:  Apple Pumpkin Strudel; Autumn Magic; Pilgrim's Pie & Sweet Potato Pie 

Holiday Season Scents:  Frasier Fir; Frosted Pinecones; Gingerbread Man; Kringleberry; Mistletoe & Ivy; Reindeer Games & Sleigh Ride  

Summer Season Scents:  Citronella; Fresh Cut Grass; Indian Summer (sweet); Oceans (clean); Peach Magnolia Raspberry & Pineapple Paprika