Essential Oils, Incense & Long Burning Candles


Essential Oils

Incense & Incense Cones

Incense & Incense Cones

We offer 38 Different Scents & Affirmation Themes!

Each Small Glass Bottle - 10 ml. 

Price Range between $3.00 - $10.00

Altar Blend; Amber; Bitch Be Gone; Canadian Fir; Cinnamon; 

Cinnamon Apple; Citronella; Coconut; Come to Mama; Energizing; Forever Mine;  Frankincense; Holiday Cheer; Jasmine; Lavender; Meditation; Musk; Myrrh;  Nag Champa; Oodh; Opium; Outta My Way; Palo Santo (Holy Wood); Patchouli; Refreshing; Relaxation; Rose; Sandalwood; Sandal Cinnamon; Shut Your Mouth; Strawberry; Stress Relief; Vanilla; Vanilla Orange; 

White Sage; Wild Berry Mint & Ylang-Ylang  



Incense & Incense Cones

Incense & Incense Cones

Incense & Incense Cones

We offer 76 Different Scents & Themes! All incense come wrapped and with their own box so that you can identify them and the scent is preserved.

Box of 8 Sticks - .50 cents

Box of 20 Sticks - $1.00

Box of 10 Cones - $1.50

Against Jealousy; All Seasons; 

Amber; Anti-Stress; 

Anti-Tobacco; Attracts Money; Breaks All; Bewitching; Black Magic; Butt Naked; Camomile; Cinnamon; Citronella; 

Cleaning Powers; Coconut;             Coffee; Divine Healing; Don Juan; 

Dragon Blood; Egyptian Magic; Erotic; Eucalyptus; Eye of Horus; Fairy Dreams; 

Fast Luck; Feng Shui; Fen Shui Water; Frankincense; Frankincense & Myrrh;  Guardian Angel (Baby Powder); Ginger;  Goddess; Green Tea; Healing; Heart of Jesus; Holy Wood; Honey; Jasmine; Lavender; Lemongrass; Lily of the Valley; Love; Luck; Magnolia; Meditation; 

Night Queen; Nag Champa; Open Roads; Opium; Orange Clove; 

Pagan Magic; Palo Santo (Holy Wood); Passion Fruit; 

Passion Potion; Patchouli; Peach; Pine;  Poison; Protection; 

Puff the Magic Dragon; Pure House; Red Rose; Romantic Rose; Saibaba; Sandal; 

Sandal Cinnamon; 

Seven Arcangels; Spiritual Life; The Galaxy; The Moon; The Planet; The Star; The Sun; Vanilla; Virgin of Guadalupe & White Sage  


Long Burning Candles

Incense & Incense Cones

Long Burning Candles

160 Hours of Burn Time; Unscented White Candles Encased in Clear Glass


Angel Theresa; Guardian Angel; Go Away Evil; Grief Affirmation; Passion Affirmation;  

Pentagram; Prosperity Affirmation; 

Moon Stained Glass Moon; Rainbow; Religious; 

Spell Themed & Wiccan