Unpaid Internship but with Commission Opportunities

We are looking for an intern who makes their own product such as: candle holder centerpieces; floral centerpieces; scarves; soaps or related unique items (no candles, clothes, cosmetics, greeting cards, handbags, quilts or jewelry).

The ideal intern must be a self-starter; very productive with little supervision; love planning events; must have at least 1 year experience in marketing and must be able to engage with people with the goal of making a sale.

While this in an UNPAID internship, there are a few opportunities to earn a commission in one or more ways:

1) Plan and market events in the shop to increase foot traffic and get a % of the sales on the day of the event.

2) Showcase your product in a designated area of our shop for a reasonable monthly vending fee and you keep all the proceeds of the sale of your product.

This internship gives you the freedom to make your own hours, work from home as you plan for events at the shop and only show up at the shop once a week to replenish your inventory or attend events you have planned.

We will be responsible for the sale of your product and depositing the proceeds of the sales via direct deposit.

Must have your own car; able to hold events at the shop after 5:00 p.m.; must be able to handle the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. If you are NOT sure you have these important things then you need not apply.

Please e-mail me your portfolio of products and resume and I will contact you at my earliest convenience.

The details of the percentage of sales and monthly vending fee will be discussed when we meet in person.